on Stage

A small group workshop to get you paid to share your story on stage.


Have you ever wanted to be a paid speaker?


But you don't even know what you'd talk about


You've no clue where you'd even speak


You don't have 100k Instagram followers


You'd probably just freeze on stage


And it all feels kind of overwhelming?

I get it! And I can Help...


powerhouse on stage

Because the world needs to hear your story.

Hi! I’m Kelly 👋

I’m an accomplished speaker who also spent 10 years as a conference organizer, sorting through speaker pitches.

I’ve personally booked over 500 speakers — and rejected over 5,000 🤯(sry!). 

I’m here to share with you EXACTLY what makes a speaker pitch stand out from the crowd, how, when, and what to negotiate for, and how to position yourself as the ultimate authority in your niche.

I’ll be peeling back the curtain in a way that no event organizer EVER has, to get you prepared, excited, and most importantly, booked for your next paid speaking gig. 


step into your power

As you step up to the microphone.

In this transformative and groundbreaking workshop, you’ll find out exactly: 



What your signature keynote talks should be

And how to really sell them


How to pitch yourself as a speaker to event organizers

Exactly what to say (and what not to say)


How to negotiate your rates

Because if you don’t ask, you don’t get!


How to position yourself as the ultimate authority and expert

Finding and highlighting your unique advantages


How to hold yourself with confidence on stage

We’re making stage fright a thing of the past, friend!


Tricks to boost your confidence and step into true powerhouse mode

That inner work that makes you unstoppable

You’ll walk away with:


The perfect email you can send to any conference organizer or event planner.



Made with you, complete with sizzling titles and descriptions.



To show off your skills, make a great impression and show everyone how professional you are.


A $600 value, included in the cost of this program, so you can wow organizers from the get-go.




I help humans to kick ass in business.



Kelly does not mince her words, and tells you like it is while leading with kindness and allowing you to mindfully acknowledge your obstacles before busting through them. I have never been left feeling anything but motivated and inspired from our sessions, and the clarity I’ve achieved from them has proved invaluable. Highly recommend!

Jay Swanson

Business Owner

Kelly has helped me to find my voice, not take myself so seriously, and tap into my true potential. Don’t hesitate to hire her. She’s a guiding hand through the fog. 

Amanda Bova

Business Owner

Kelly Lewis’ coaching expertise is backed up with 15 years of real world experience in business building and badassery. Kelly doesn’t sell a sterotypical online coaching program – she’s a mentor, a motivator, and most importantly— an activator. Spending time with Kelly as your coach will make you want to get your work done.

Stephanie Zito

Business Owner

the investment

Because I’m not one of those people who makes you scroll forever to find the cost.



Four incredible days dedicated to finding your greatness, packaging it into two signature keynote talks, and boosting your confidence when it comes to pitching yourself for paid speaking opportunities.




All workshops and activities

including Finding your Keynotes and Stage Presence


Custom pitch template

Exactly what to say to wow any organizer


Headshots + Optional Hair and Makeup

You’ll receive 5 new, professionally edited images, a $600 value.
Get glammed up beforehand for +$250. 


Daily yoga and visualizations

Designed to amplify the confidence within


Welcome dinner

And daily coffee


Community + ongoing support

Meet other courageous, impressive budding Powerhouses like yourself to exchange ideas with. Get in our orbit for future speaking gigs.



Travel expenses

Including flights, hotel, transportation and meals 

* We aim to get you so prepared that you’re able to recoup your investment by landing paid speaking opportunities.*



Where is this happening?

Powerhouse on Stage will take place in Portland, OR at the Jupiter Next hotel. Dates are September 21-24.

How Many people will be there?

This is a very intimate workshop and individual experience. For that reason, we are limiting participation to 20. 

Is it just for women?

No, this event is open to all humans.

What can I expect?

Expect a mixture of group work and 1:1 support. As this event is highly interactive, please come with an open heart and be ready to show up and share. 

What if I'm terrified of public speaking?

Well babes, that’s what we’re here for! 

Public speaking is an artform and we are here to instruct with techniques we have developed to calm your nerves, get you rooted back into your power,  and allow you to show up fully on stage. 

But, spoiler alert: this work will also transform your life off-stage!

When we work together, I’m just as invested in you as you are in me. I want to see you kick so much ass in your business that your life completely changes.

But you have to be willing to do the work.

What if I don't have anything to say?

I guarantee that’s not true! Part of what we do in this event is to find and highlight your unique skillsets and point of view.

Our workshops will help to draw this out, but, ultimately, this will ultimately come from you and you will have final say on what talks you think would be best for you.

Our job is to find the things that make you naturally you, and package them in a way that makes conference organizers say “we need to hire this person right now!” 

Is this just for the travel industry?

No, our training will apply to all genres and industries.